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Lesser Jay writes catchy melodies. If his songs get stuck in your head, he's happy.


Inspired by artists like Sufjan Stevens, Imogen Heap, Owen Pallett, JD Samson, Sleater Kinney, Matt Mahaffey, and Tori Amos, Joel likes to create a wide soundscape for his music that mixes electronics and orchestration. He draws from his background in contemporary classical composing and arranging to build out a song and take it in unexpected directions. Joel also tends to the lyrically unexpected, bringing a sense of humor and self-deprecation to words that are sometimes poignant and occasionally surreal. He wants his audience to feel something, to dance, and to laugh. He is a dynamic performer who is constantly striving to bring more interactive energy to his sets.

"[Lesser Jay] tells a range of stories through his EP Down, while showcasing his versatility and musicality. Each track has a different feeling, while bringing a wash of emotions, from panic to affection and sadness. Packed with diverse styles and sonic devices, the EP is well worth a good listen or three."

"The video, which I’ve watched several times in the last hour, features Zigman and a lofi backdrop for his all-too-relatable lyrics. Along with being a singer-songwriter, Zigman is accomplished in many aspects of his life, including being an educator and an LGBTQ activist."

"[Lesser Jay] is an artist who has found his voice, isn’t afraid to try something different and can create a lot with little in his EP. His storytelling is second to none, and Down will make you both feel and smile."

"He covers a lot of ground on Down: how he met his wife, a tribute to a transgender friend who passed away, COVID lockdown-associated domestic madness, and a song about a cat that might be a song about a boy. The songs, though they vary widely in lyrical content, are tied together by Zigman’s whimsical sonic proclivities and unique vocals."

"The first single from solo artist Joel Zigman, Passing Problems packs a punch. "

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