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“My favorite part about our lessons is having homework and learning long songs and practicing them. [I’m most proud of learning] 'Danny Boy' because my mom’s learning it and I’ve been working on it for a month and now I can play it at 95% speed with 100% accuracy.”

- Jordan, piano student, age 9

“I get to learn a lot of songs that on other instruments you can’t play because of strum patterns, it sounds different if you go up or down. I’ve learned the entire 'Eleanor Rigby' and now I know some of 'Let It Be.'”

- Parker, guitar student, age 8

“I like that my kids have fun. I like that [the teaching style] makes sense to them, it’s common sense, they can understand it. They look forward to the lessons every week and they don’t mind practicing. I am proud that they still love learning, that they love music, and that they are working through their challenging pieces.”

- Tiffany, Jordan and Parker's mom

I’ve really enjoyed the patience Joel has. You can kind of teach yourself [how to play an instrument] but knowing exactly what to look for [with kids] and then being able to patiently and in a positive way encourage them to keep on working is a lot harder. For Jordan, with piano, I’ve been proud of the fact that he has been able to stick with it. He’s learned to play through his mistakes, continue to move forward, and have a positive attitude as he makes mistakes. Patience is something that he’s working on so it’s been really helpful. With Parker I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow in his love for playing music and playing guitar. He wants to play all the time now!”

- Michael, Jordan and Parker’s dad

“I take ukulele lessons from Joel and can't recommend him enough! I avoided learning to play an instrument because of childhood embarrassment but I really wanted to play ukulele. Joel is easy going, explains things clearly and makes it fun. After two lessons I have progressed more than I had after 2 months of trying to learn from youtube videos! I highly recommend Joel if you want to learn an instrument. He is a skilled teacher and very worth the time and money.”

- Leanne, adult ukulele student

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